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Emily's Treasure
Golden Dragon
Cai Shen Dao
KA Fish Hunter
King Octopus
Mermaid Hunter
Space Cowboy
Three Headed Dragon

Fish Games at Fortune Coins

Dive to the bottom of the sea and try out our plentiful collection of fish casino games. Pick a premium fish slot machine and blast your way to phenomenal bonuses.

Will you go for the smaller schools of fish, or take out the big guns and try to catch the elusive golden shark? Develop your own fish game slot machine strategy, and go fishing for those coins!

The Biggest Library of Fishing Slot Games Online

This relatively new breed of games can be found on just a handful of social casino sites, and even when you do find a platform that features them, you’ll only get to play one or two titles.

Here at Fortune Coins, we are proud to have one of the largest selections of fish slots online. We started with our in-house game called Emily’s Treasure and now have a rich library with outstanding fish titles from KA Gaming, including:

  • Golden Dragon;
  • Caishen Dao;
  • KA Fish Hunter;
  • King Octopus;
  • Mermaid Hunter;
  • Space Cowboy;
  • Three Headed Dragon.

Fishing Slots Game Rules and Strategies

While each fishing slot game has its own distinctive rules and features, they all pretty much follow the same concept. You take control of one of the four underwater canons and shoot at the various creatures swimming along the sea bed.

The more shots you land on a creature, the higher the chance of you catching it. Larger animals require more shots and yield higher bonuses. There can be over 20 different fish and other items per game, ranging from creatures like sharks, octopuses, and giant crabs to objects such as submarines and pirate ships. To learn how much each is worth, you should check out the game’s info tab.

Since there can be four players inside a single session, things can get pretty hectic, which is why you need to pay constant attention to your coin balance and look closely at what you are shooting.

Depending on your budget and whether you want to have an aggressive approach or play it safe, you are the one who must decide if you want to catch small fish or go for the bigger targets.

How to Start Playing Fish Slots at Fortune Coins

If you are a fan of fishing slots, there is no better place to enjoy them than Fortune Coins casino. Here is how easy it is to join our platform and start playing:

  1. Go to the Sign Up section and complete a quick registration using your email or Google account.
  2. Verify your details by sharing a few identification documents. Keep in mind that you must be from an eligible U.S. state or Canadian province.
  3. Grab our welcome no deposit bonus and keep logging in daily for more free FC and GC. Purchases are not required, but you can opt to buy one of our affordable coin packages.
  4. Navigate to the Fish tab.
  5. Pick your favorite fishing casino game. If you don’t know which one to choose, we suggest you go with our in-house game called Emily’s Treasure, which features a progressive jackpot.
  6. Start blasting away! Good luck!